Sail. Hike. Kayak. Free Dive. Ski. Relax. Barbecue. DIY.

The adventure took us across the Pacific, from 2017 to 2020. Now we approach new horizons ...
Jade - the color of the sea
Akka - the leader of Niels Holgersson's flock of geese
Sail - Hike - Kayak - Free Dive - Ski - Relax - our way to explore life & our planet
DIY - because we care about our home

Join in - there's plenty space for guests
Keep looking - we will update these pages
Stay in touch - we love it!

Where will the wind take us? It seems, the answer was Sydney. Now we are back in Switzerland. Jade Akka sold. Zeus is our new adventure: our romanian street breed shelter dog.

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