¡hola! Mexico - ¡hola! Ensenada - ¡hola! Solar Panel Mounts

¡hola! Mexico - ¡hola! Ensenada - ¡hola! Solar Panel Mounts

We have finally crossed the border of Mexico and have succssfully docked our Jade Akka on the 27th December early morning in the Cruise Port Village Marina in Ensenada. We are now legally fine to cruise in Mexican waters for 6 months if we want to. Thanks to the help of the friendly staff of the marina with the paperwork at the customs office.
We intend to stay here in Ensenada for the next two weeks as we will have our solar pannels mounted by then. This will allow us to be more power (no more running of the diesel generator) and hopefully also water independent with our watermaker.

In the next days we will be working on repairing our dinghy, installing the solar power system. Besides that we want to explore the city and its area. The food here is absolutely delicious. We had the pleasure to dine in a seafood restaurant with our slip neighbour, other yatistas etc.

However we enjoy being here, we get nervous to go on. But the solar panel mounting structure takes longer to build than expected. That is, it takes longer than expected including the contingency factored into our expectations. While waiting, Jade Akka gets repaired and polished, pumps rebuilt, the watermaker prepared etc. Finally Alejandro & Jorge, his son, deliver & install the solar panel mount on Saturday late evening. They took this effort so we can leave in time to meet Ueli down south. The stainless steel structure they deliver looks great and perfectly welded. Sunday I spend connecting the panels and we prepare Jade Akka to sail on!

Ensenada was a great stay. It allowed us to get into Mexico "softly" while having great yachting infrastructure with very friendly people like Alejandro, the Cruiseport Village Marina & Baja Naval. Robert made our stay a pleasure, too, as did John who gave great hints and took us to his building project & walking on the beach. We met more fellow sailors we strongly hope to see along the way - first south, then west!

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