La Paz

La Paz

After arriving and getting Ueli to the airport, we fixed a few things and headed out to the Espiritu Santos Islands. There we enjoyed the water, wildlife, kajaking, spearfisihing, a short hike and a lot of sunshine.

Returning to La Paz we had to re-do work on the water heater as we had not noticed some corrosion. Luckily, the local plumbing shop had all we needed. However, short after that our watermaker broke down due to inappropriate installation and potentially the idle time for the past 2.5 years. In the meantime we tried to organize the yard for a new bottom paint (antifouling) and rust repairs close to the waterline. A rigging inspection qualified our rig as seaworthy and without deferred maintenance. Later in the yard we will also have the main engine checked thoroughly as a prep to cross the Pacific towards French Polynesia.

Our French was tested by Patrick Morche and his family. We anchored close to them and started to talk, showing us each boat and finally, as Patrick is a refrigeration specialist, sealing our "fuite" with some "coutchouc". After 6 years French at school and no use for another 20 years, it's hard to remember it well enough ... but we made it. Note that we as Swiss are used to speak foreign languages - most other countries don't. Hence it was us to change from English to French (while Swiss German is our native language).

We also wanted to go and see the whale sharks close by, but did not make it - not yet! Isa added colorful cushion covers & we prepared to have her mother and a friend on board. After a funny evening at SY Merrion and getting up (too) early to drive from La Paz to Cabos on the southern tip of Baja we now have them on board and are ready for the next excursion to the islands.

Images towards La Paz.
Images La Paz & Espiritu Santos.