La Paz Northwards: Puerto Escondido & Loreto

La Paz Northwards: Puerto Escondido & Loreto

Soon after we got Jade Akka ready, we drove to Cabos Airport to pick up Isa's mum and her friend Rosanna. We had a nice drive through the southern Baja. It's good to see the land not only from afar, but also from within! The scenic drive led west along planes, hills, sandy valleys with palm trees to Cabos. From there to the airport and back along the east with more rugged terrain. Locals celebrated horseriding and Captain Tom celebrated more than 8kts speed. Safe driving, as our guests attested.

To get our new guests accustomed to the boating live we stayed in La Paz a few days and then headed out. The route led north. Unfortunately the only day we had wind it was up to 28kts with steep, short seas. While Isa's mum kept smiling during the bumpy ride, her friend got sea sick - we felt bad for that but the next anchorage called for a great recovery. Wonderful water and easy hikes made a stay for two days. With all the crew in good mood and shape again, we went farther north, hopping from anchorage to anchorage. The rugged mountains, carved and erroded, showing wonderful colors and layering structure, delighted for days.

Furthermost north we went into Puerto Escondido, an awesome natural harbor. Completely closed, just with a small river between two hills connected to the sea, Puerto Escondido is the perfect shelter. Even closer to the magical mountains we decided to have another multi-day-stop here. Wifi & cell phone coverage helped to organize our next haul out to get new anti-fouling. Proximity to Loreto called for an excursion by car again.

Turnign back south, we hop through more super nice anchorages with turqoise waters. Unfortunatley, up to here, we had not seen much wildlife. A whale from afar. A few dolphins. Here and there a turtle. Many pelicans. We caught a Sierra Makrel. Taht was about it. Then, things started to turn dolphin-wise. After Agua Verde, which has it's name for good reason, we saw a first pod of dolphins at Los Gatos. Then, short before La Paz, we ran into a huge pod - see the video.

Bak in La Paz we enjoyed the local restaurants. We had exceptional food under way, as the ladies were putting our galley into turbo mode. The oven was thoroughly tested, results compared to the Omnia oven, new drinks got mixed, new recepies tried, and at least Isa and Tom gained a bit of weight. This will not last for long though, as the next days are boat projects. Fixing the main engine thermostat, getting more cushions with nice covers, doing the regular maintenance and improving the should-have-long-done-things. So as soon as Isa's mum and Rosanna left by bus for Cabos, we turned the boat's interior upside down, grabbed all spares and tools we have and started work ... until our next guests arrive: we are super happy that my brother and family decided to visit us!